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Who Is To Blame? Daniel Weintraub’s article, “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home,” argues “26 percent of school children (in California) are overweight.” (42) So who’s to blame for this epidemic? According to Weintraub, “It’s the fault of parents who let their kids eat unhealthy food and sit in front of the television or computer for hours at a time,” (42) Many of our country’s people blame the fast food industry for over-advertising, selling unhealthy food, and selling oversized portions. However, others such as Weintraub argue that obesity is a matter of parent responsibility. I do agree with him at a certain degree that parents are the ones to blame instead of fast food companies. A reason why I’m in agreement with Weintraub…show more content…
They need to familiarize their children with foods that are good for them. “’We talk about offering carrot sticks,’ says Karlin Linhardt, the director of youth marketing at McDonald's. ‘And we have parents come in and say, 'We offer them carrot sticks at home. When we come to McDonald's we want a treat, french fries.’" (38) Parents need to offer them fruit instead of candy, carrot sticks and ranch instead of chips, flavored water instead of soda, yogurt instead of ice cream. The options are endless. In reference to the argument that fast food is the cause of obesity, Gene Grabowski, a spokesman for the Grocery Manufacturers of America, which represents the nation's biggest food companies, states, "These foods and beverages are safe, and consumers -- in some cases parents -- have to be the one to make the decisions about how much should be eaten."(39) Barboza backs up Weintraub’s argument by explaining how parents need to regulate what they are feeding their children. They need to teach them that sugary sweets and fried food should be eaten in moderation, that portion control can make all the difference. Children are not only begging to be taught better eating habits, but better exercise habits as well. Children just follow what their parents tell them to do. Most children grow to learn from their parents, other learn to be…show more content…
Weintraub proves a lot of why parents are blame for America’s obesity but I also blame the fast food companies. With so much advertising more children are easy to fall upon it. For example, “’The programs have become advertising for the food, and the food has become advertising for the programs,’” says Professor Linn of Harvard. (39). More and more vulnerable kids are intrigued by the media. When famous cartoon characters pop out either in a toy at McDonalds or in Kellog Cereals children from all over are determined to be the first to get those substances. “The McDonald’s Corporation wants to be everywhere that children are.” (37). McDonald’s is a huge enterprise for children. It’s a special bond that every child connects to. As years progress, McDonalds grows more and more. Back in 2003, I loved to watch “Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald”. I would spend most of my time watching Ronald McDonald with a group of friend trying to stop ‘Hamburgler’ from stealing the burgers. It’s a very unusual perception but it’s the way fast food corporations would grow so much on business. Therefore, many children would perceive a perception which was to go to McDonalds and buy burgers or else ‘Hamburgler’ would steal them. Every kid would capture that particular idea and immediately would want to go to McDonalds and buy a burger. Food industries use catchy advertising that will lower people in to buy their product. Such as

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