The Battle Against Fast Food Begins In The Home Summary

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Daisy Corona Mrs.Montgomerey English 4 20 August 2012 Fast Food: Who’s to blame? Daniel Weintraub’s the author of “The Battle against Fast Food Begins in the Home” implies that American children with in the years have gained unnecessary pounds due to fast food and the only ones responsible to that concept are the parents. He affirms that the parents are in the best position to fight the epidemic of overweight children. I agree that Parents are responsible for teaching healthy eating and exercise habits. It is time to get parents to take the same responsibility to protect their children from unhealthy foods and lack of exercise. Even though fast food is all around us, parents have the control of teaching their children healthy eating habits. Parents not the fast food companies, not the governments are in the best position to stop…show more content…
“.. The center said 26 percent of schoolchildren are overweight” (p.10). What this quote says is that parents are not careful with their child eating habits. The number of overweight children in the United States has increased dramatically in recent years. Approximately ten percent of four and five year old children are overweight. Obesity increases even more as children get older. For ages six to eleven, at least one child in five is overweight. Over the last two decades, this number has increased by more than fifty percent and the number of obese children has nearly doubled. For most children, overweight is the result of unhealthy eating patterns and too little physical activity. Parents should help prevent childhood obesity by providing healthy meals and snacks, daily physical activity, and nutrition education begin . Small children are not aware of their daily intakes unless their mommy or daddy says it is okay to have a small portion of fast food. Parents have all the control of children’s health starting at their

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