American Obesity Fault

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American Obesity: It’s the Parents’ Fault There is no question that fast food is one of the most available items in the United States and is not nutritious by any mean. Daniel Weintraub, author of an editorial found in The Sacramento Bee called “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home,” expresses an opinion that is represented by the title of his article. He claims that parents provide access for their children to this food and in turn teach them poor eating habits. Even author David Zinczenko asks, “What ever happened to personal responsibility?” Preventing obesity is in the hands of each individual and the poor eating habits instilled into the minds of the average American child by their parents. Fast food companies are running…show more content…
The government should require public schools to provide healthy food choices in cafeterias, but it is not the responsibility of the government to regulate fast food advertisement. If any parent is unhappy with public school food choices, they always have the option to pack their child a lunch and withhold lunch money so their children do not have access to the unhealthy snacks in the unreformed school lunch programs. Public schools are the only area where the government should assume responsibility, because in the public schools, children are spending a large amount of their day doing virtually no physical activity. Expanding physical education and reforming lunch programs are steps that need to be taken in order to help solve youth…show more content…
Personal responsibility has disappeared and until it returns, obesity will only increase as American health decreases. Steps can be taken to reduce body weight and return to a normal body mass index. Parents need to take responsibility for unhealthy food choices and lack of physical activity, and until this happens there will only be detrimental health effects in the future. It is time for change, and it is American parents who need to establish a change in their children’s eating

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