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Should there be a ban on advertising fast food to kids? My answer may surprise you. Absolutely not. There should not be a ban, and here are 8 reasons why: 1) We have a free market economy, and soda and fries are not restricted or illegal items. In fact, you can buy them with taxpayer funded money (SNAP) as long as you get it at the grocery store and not at a restaurant. Should we expand government to police where we eat our fries, or should we limit government and allow people to make their own choices? 2) It’s not the same as a ban on advertising tobacco to children. I’ve seen this argument in a few places, “We don’t advertise cigarettes to kids, we shouldn’t advertise fast food to kids.” This is a false argument. It’s illegal for children to have or use tobacco. Not so with chicken nuggets, fries, or Hi-C fruit punch. The ban on tobacco advertising covers all tobacco products. A ban on fast food advertising to children only affects “fast food restaurants”, not other restaurants, food carts, or grocery stores. It’s not fair to say that McDonald’s can’t advertise Coke to kids, but Walmart can. Burger King won’t be able to offer kid meals, but Chili’s would. How does that help? 3) Parents must take responsibility and have the right to choose what their children eat. The children are not driving themselves through the drive thru, and the children aren’t forking over cash for it. We might disagree with other parent’s choices, just as they might disagree with our choice to not vaccinate. Fundamentally, though, parental rights are sovereign and parents have the basic right to choose what to feed their children. Just as parents have the right to feed their kids raw milk, others have the right to buy their children a Happy Meal. 4) It’s discriminatory. We would see a place where Walmart can market soda and frozen nuggets to children,

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