External Environment Factors

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External Environment Factors (AO1) Social and Ethical Values of Customers Article 1 * Title: Eating the recommended portions of fruit and vegetables per day * Source of information: How much fruit and vegetables should we eat? bbc.co.uk * Date: 1/12/2013 This article briefly indicates that people should eat minimum five portions of fruit and vegetables a day in which effectively prevent serious disease. Particularly, an adult should eat at least of 400g fruit and vegetables per day. People prefer to cook fruit and vegetables such as cooked such as soups, stews or pasta meals because it is hardly to eat these directly. However, cooking vegetables may remove nutrients in which fruit must be tinned in natural juice. Therefore, people are trend to drink ‘green smoothies’ or fruit juice which is only made by vegetables and fruits without any addition of sugar or salt. This trend is a good way to encourage people to use more fruit and vegetables while The Smoothie Company provides a wide selection of smoothie juice such as passion fruit salad, non-diary classic. Hence, it is a huge advantage for The Smoothie Company to reach a peak at their profits, and increase sales revenue. For the matter of losing the nutrient in vegetables and fruit, it is not a big issue with them because by adding some flavor or healthy ingredients, more and more customer will choose their product as a favor. Article 2 * Title: Smoothie can do harm for you, can’t it? * Source of information: Coffee vs. Smoothies: Which is better for you? * Date: 24/10/2013 It seems obvious that most of people will hold the opinions that smoothie is better. Because drinking coffee is a necessary evil while having a smoothie, made of fruit, is part of your five-a-day. But when you look into the scientific studies something is much more surprisingly revealed. First,

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