Atkins Diet Versus Ornish'S Diet

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Atkin’s Diet versus Ornish’s Diet Why have diets become such a huge industry in today’s markets? This is because everyone is looking to overcome obesity, lose weight and to do it quickly. Two diets that have gained recognition as “quick fixes” are the Atkins’ diet and the Ornish diet. These two diets are very different in how a person would go about losing the weight by the different foods they would eat. Atkins’s diet is based on low carbohydrates and high protein while the Ornish diet is based on a vegetarian diet with low or no protein intake but filled with amounts of fiber. The idea behind the Atkins’ diet is that there is too much refined sugar in our diet. Too many snack foods and breads contain refined sugar, white flour and high-fructose corn sugar that leads to a spike in our insulin which creates blood sugar to spike. So Atkins tells us to take these items out of our diet and replace them with any type of protein. This will create the metabolism to enter a state of ketosis or “Burn” of the internal fat we store in the body. This way of dieting is under constant criticisms for the health risks associated with this way of eating. For instance, one who eats this much saturated fat might be at a higher risk for a heart attack. Another issue is the complication of heart disease and cardiovascular disease. In defense of his diet Dr. Atkins stated, “That saturated fat is an overrated nutrition problem and that the bigger problem is actually the tran’s fats in the development of vascular diseases.” Overall this diet seems to be taking the meat lover’s extreme way to weight loss. In contrast to the Atkins diet there is the Ornish diet. This diet also allows the body’s fat burning mechanism to come into play. This diet is at the opposite end of the dieting spectrum from this Atkins diet. Ornish ideas are based more on a high fiber, low

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