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Slow Network Analysis Paper Alex phomminh NTC/406 Version 2 April 22, 2014 Andrew Rosenberg Slow Network Analysis Paper The population in the schoolyard in the classroom did not vary. However, there were many students utilized Internet service network on campus. Some just wanted to go online to chat, search the website, social network, and buy valuable stuff such as clothing and other. The situation was that tech support and expertise try to figure out the problem cause the internet service network to slow down. These issues could involve in numerous of user at the same time, network traffic note, peer-to-peer network, stream video, used many wireless edge devices to access network, voice over IP, and the number of applications…show more content…
Many people had the problem with slow transfer speed over wireless device. Some user did not realize that the wireless devices were giving them the speed of loading and transferring of data. They believe what they pay for that what they should get at a high price. User should know if he/she were in the IT business or operating any devices such as smart phone, tablet PC, laptop, and desktop computer. The speeds of an operating device were measure in kilobits, kilobytes, megabits, or megabytes per second. Buyer should notice this 8 bits is equal to one byte, user brought a device transfer speed at 12 megabits per second, he/she only going to get 1.5 megabytes per second. Some user just did not understand about wireless device transfer speed. However, they were a liar through the commercial media about the products. Some user also did not know their devices were interfered by another device using the same channel or the incoming interference of radio frequency. It could be a phone call if he/she utilized AT&T dial up service line. The device could affect by the phone rang or the wireless network card. Buyers needed to go to the local retail stores where they brought the devices had it test. The problem could be verify of anything including the performance range or the devices were too old did not have the same speed as the third and four generation…show more content…
These methods gave permission to the sender to control the internet traffic and observing the losses. These method mention above assisted sender to make an adjustment on the size of the load. The window network first introduced these congestion methods. The new methods were in the process of implementation. The current TCP load size decided to go with the normal and congestion windows sizes. It would help reduce data flow coming through the network. The networking technologies and techniques could provide quality of service and the ability of a network to send analysis and figured out the solutions. The network function would operate under the watch of QoS include the remaining time, bandwidth, delay time, error occur. It was important to the new generation of Internet application such as VoIP, video streaming, and customer service. Some networks were similar to the Ethernet was not implement to assist on traffic and

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