Carmex Leveraging Facebook for Market Research

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1. Numerous advantages and disadvantages must be considered when collecting data through different sources. On way to accomplish this is through an online survey of a cross-section. This utilizes the opinions of many different users. The survey is much quicker than some traditional methods and the cost is relatively minimal. A disadvantage of this method is that many of the households will not respond because they do not care about taking a survey for Carmex. Additionally, some users may thing the survey is junk or spam and they might delete them. The other option discussed is an online survey of Carmex Facebook likers. One advantage of this is the majority of the feedback received will come from dedicated Carmex users who want their opinion to be heard. A disadvantage is many Facebook users do not acknowledge Facebook advertisements or surveys. Also, the demographics of Facebook users may cause them to vote for a particular flavor and the opinion of others will not be sampled. 2. Companies like Carmex utilize the marketing opportunities on social media sites like Facebook and measure their success through “likes” and “engagement”. The amount of likes shows the size of their Facebook audience and the level of engagement shows how active their audience is. The engagement metric is more important because it shows how many users are actually actively viewing their page and participating in their surveys. Carmex can have a million likes on their Facebook page, but if none of them are engaged in their surveys or contests then Carmex receives no feedback about their products and benefits minimally. 3. Consumers’ engagement on Facebook is evoked by consumers having the ability to engage with a brand they like and have their opinions count and are heard. They are also attracted to liking a company such as Carmex’s Facebook page because consumers can comment or

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