The Importance Of Electronics In Professional Life

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How will electronics fit into your professional life? Electronics fit in my professional life on a day to day basis I deal with technology and electronics every day. It is to my benefit that I am familiar with all types of electronics and gadgets. Electronics allow us as people to simplify many complex and mundane task. Any technology or electronic device that makes life simple is a win for me and most other people. There are several electronic devices that have changed our lives and affected me in my professional life. I am going to limit my electronics to just smartphones and tablets. If we think back on how electronics have change over the last ten years it is amazing. There was no such thing as an iPhone, although we act like we cannot live without our smartphones and tablets as few as ten years ago they didn’t exist. Can you believe it the iPhone turned the electronics world on its head? The iPhone was introduced merely seven years ago June 29th 2007 it seems like it has been around for twenty years. Prior to that the biggest smartphone maker and most successful was Blackberry. The first Blackberry device was introduced eight years prior the RIM 850 which was introduced as a two-pager in Munich, Germany. The name Blackberry was derived from the look of the keys they resemble…show more content…
In order to stay competitive in my professional career I will need to be extremely proficient with these mobile computing devices. End users today are do not have to be attached to their desk and computers. With these new smartphones and tablets your office can be anywhere you are. All you need is an internet connection and a place to set up. The cool thing is your cellular phone can be both those devices at the same time. Smartphones have broadband Wi-Fi capabilities and can be shared amongst multiple devices. The same can be done with Tablets also many have cellular data

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