Steve Jobs Flaws

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Steve Jobs Pressed F13- He Did the Impossible Steve Jobs was one of the harshest employers there ever was. Despite all of the hardships he faced, Steve Jobs revolutionized multiple industries in his life. From computers to movies, Steve Jobs helped reinvent them all. Most electronic devices today would not have been the same without this genius behind this huge company, Apple. Like many people, Steve Jobs had a difficult childhood. Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, 1955 (Kimmel 503). He was born in San Francisco, California. His mom was his Syrian Dad’s girlfriend (Isaacson 40). He was adopted in the same month he was born by Paul Jobs, who was a mechanist, and Clara Jobs, who was an accountant (“Jobs” 319). Steve Jobs had a genetic…show more content…
Steve Jobs visited the Xerox Parc research lab in 1979. He was amazed at the experimental computer he saw that had a graphical user interface (GUI) and a mouse. Later he said, “Within 10 minutes it was clear to me that all computers would work this way someday” (Isaacson 40). Launched with a Super Bowl commercial the $2,495 Macintosh was “insanely” great, but it was also very flawed. It had only 128 kB of memory and no expansion slots. The crazy idea that Steve Jobs came up with was that the design was more important than functionality. Steve Jobs once said, “All the horsepower in the world is useless if you can’t figure out how to use it- and look good doing it” (Isaacson 40-41). The former CEO of Pepsi, John Scully, was recruited to Apple. Eventually, he got frustrated with Jobs’s management with the Macintosh division because of the sluggish sales. Scully and Apple’s board stripped Jobs of all power in May of 1985. In September of that year, Jobs resigned (Isaacson 41). While he was gone, Jobs founded a new computer company, NeXT, and it was very Jobs-like. It was a sleek black cube packed with innovations. It was $6,500 making it almost unaffordable to most people. Only 50,000 systems were sold. After this, NeXT refocused on their software. The NeXT computer was where Tim Berners-Lee invented the phenomena known today as the World Wide Web (Isaacson 42). After abandoning NeXT, Steve Jobs…show more content…
His wife was Laurene Powell. They have 3 children- Eve, Erin, and Reed (“Jobs” 320). According to TIME, “It’s a rule of thumb in the world of technology that you get to revolutionize one industry at most, but Jobs did it every few years with stunning regularity: computers, movies, music, phones” (Isaacson 38). Personal computers, animated movies, digital music, and cellphones would have never been the way they are today without the contributions by Steve Jobs. He was awarded TIME Person of the Year (Isaacson 40). Jobs and his various accomplishments tell everyone today how successful he actually was. Having a tough childhood and being fired from Apple didn’t stop Steve Jobs from being successful. In fact, he revolutionized multiple industries in his life. Today, Steve Jobs has a huge variety of electronics on the market. Some people cannot live without their Apple Manufactured Products. People all over the world use Apple products. Even people who don’t use electronic devices designed by Apple, most of those devices were probably encouraged by Steve Jobs in one way or another. Steve Jobs was one of the most influential people someone could ever meet. The interesting life of Steve Jobs definitely makes him a person worth

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