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Strong Marketing Efforts One of the greatest strength of Apple is its impactful marketing efforts which produced a potent concoction of a strong global brand and celebrated products. Brand Marketing Apple is one of the most established and reputable IT brands globally. Its popular multi-million dollar marketing campaigns included successful “Think Different” ads and catchy slogans such as “It just works”, which positioned the firm as a chic alternative to its competitors. Apple also promoted its computers as the “world’s greenest lineup of notebooks” that are recyclable and energy-efficient. In 2007, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ranked Apple’s notebooks as the “most environmentally friendly portable computers”. In 2011, Climate Counts placed Apple in its top category of corporate climate responsibility. As a result of its massive marketing efforts, Apple has built a very loyal customer base that advocates the brand, enabling it to not only recruit customers, but also retain them. This provides a platform for Apple to introduce new products, such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Besides, Apple branding is so successful that it is able to license its “Made for iPod” logo, which serves as a form of advertisement and a revenue source as it earns an estimated 5% of the retail price of such products. Ecosystem of Products Apple ingeniously created an ecosystem of products contributing to the firm’s revenue and enhancing its product marketing. An example would be the iPod accessory market. It was estimated that for every $3 spent on an iPod, consumers spent another $1 on iPod add-on products. These exclusive iPod add-ons of over 2,000 different items signal that Apple’s player is superior to many other MP3 players, which had fewer accessories. The emergence of iTunes also revolutionized the sales of iPod. The iTunes desktop software and music store

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