Mkt 421 Week 2 Apple Company Paper

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Apple Inc. Jeymi Charles MRK/421 June 19, 2014 Michele Dougherty Apple Inc. Apple has been innovative in providing product and services for its customers. Having a competitive advantage they produce products like the IPad IPod, Mac, Apple TV and IPhone. Although some would say apple has lost its competitive edge with the passing of CEO and founder Steve Jobs, the company remains one of the leading sellers in the technology industry. In the world of personal handheld devices, the I industry remains dominant among its competitors and can continue to demand a price for which Apple known for, and yet holds its value even through re-sale. Apple has a variety of products that appeal to all cultural demographic. Though it has yet to compete with its competitors price and coverage areas, Apple offers items such as apps, music, video, steam-line, radio, reading, internet, games, an altogether all in one device that competitors have yet to compete with or compare. As the text points out, improved value does not mean offering lower…show more content…
The sleek design make it easy to handle, and the options of parental controls make it ideal for educational and recreational use. The option to customize specific unwanted websites and age appropriate apps makes it not only very desirable but leaves the competitors something to be desired. Apple has made their product so user friendly that children have and use their product on a daily basis (Smith, 2012). In addition, apple has a variety of educational apps that many schools have now adopted for their curriculum. Not only is this beneficial to the public, private, and charter school system, but for the homeschooling children as well as children with learning disabilities. The I industry and it’s portability has paved the way to not only higher rate of learning and success, but higher test scores, grades and an educational

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