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Apple | Week 4 | | | | Dustin McCabe | | | APPLE COMPUTER Apple Computer, Inc. Question 1 Describe the key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer. Apple was founded in a garage in the mid 1970’s by two friends who have a vision to make this company huge. At that time the technology industry was very small and not very competitive, but times have change drastically. Apple operates in an industry where the latest and greatest is old news by mid next month. There are constant changes which lead to huge dollars being spent to stay ahead of the competition. Apple has been successful as of late developing and introducing products that are wanted in the market place. They are extremely successful in creating a buzz around their products and a demand for the products which allows them to keep the prices high. One of the biggest challenges that Apple is facing is the compatibility to other computers and devices. The more people are connected to…show more content…
With companies like Dell and HP making similar products that are just as fast and just as smart the details are what makes a consumer decide on which to purchase. Apple needs to be totally compatible with most every other devise in order for people happy with their purchase. With all the competition so closely packed together and all producing the same thing one small detail could determine whether a product is a hit or a bust. Making the industry friendlier for normal people to understand and developing simple ways for consumers to learn to use products is also highly important. Most people would not want to stand in the Apple store for a class to learn to use their new toy. For Apple to continue to be successful and grow at this same pace they need to stay ahead of the competition and be just as

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