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Comp 1 11 March 2013 iPhone Vs Android What do people look for when purchasing a smart phone? What are some of the major points that convince consumers that iPhones are better then Androids or vise versa? iPhone and Android are the latest most powerful operating systems on the market. They are used in our everyday lives, I mean who can live without them. Everyday over 10,000 new electronics are purchased. iPhone and Android being the top two, Apple and Samsung have gone head to head in competing for the best product. Apple seems to keep their consumers coming back. Making Apple the top most purchased product in the U.S. Meanwhile Android is not for behind. They are both great phones and both have earned the respect of the world. Now lets take a look at the specs of the two devices. While the iPhone has been stuck at the 3.5 screen for the past generations; Apple finally decided on its latest product add on to make the screen bigger. The iPhone 5 came out to the biggest screen Apple decided to upgrade the features of the screen. This is the biggest change to the iPhone. It has a retina display for nice chromatic pictures and video display. The Android phones have a larger screen then the iPhones and makes it easier to read text and anything you would like to view. The colors and contrast that the Android phones have make watching movies better. The Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to have HD display screen. Some people prefer a larger screen others prefer more detailed images. The iPhone icon interface is easy to understand and to operate. The rows of icons allow easy access to all of the downloaded applications and preloaded icons. The iPhone pull down notification system allows you to see what updates you have for yours apps, social networking sites, and keeps you up to date. Android phones interface system allows you to do more from

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