Rim Talent Management

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Issue of Topic Talent Management: RIM is a telecommunications company which specializes in the development of smartphones. Research and development is one of the many areas RIM specializes in, which is crucial to the success and development of the company. They compete in a market that requires a high demand of talented workers. Because of this, RIM should focus their recruitment strategy on talent management. Talent management is the processes of helping an organization generate a continuous supply of highly productive individuals in the right job, at the right time (Sullivan, 2004). Talent management is also a continuous process that help organizations build an image to attract the very best prospects, ensure that new hires are immediately productive, be able to retain the very best, and assist the continuous movement of talent within the organization to where it can have the most impact (Sullivan, 2004). Why is Talent Management Important to RIM: As mentioned above, RIM is engaged in an industry that is continuously changing and improving the way we communicate wirelessly (Vuong, 2008). In order to keep up with the competition, RIM will need to effectively employ and integrate a talent management strategy on a global scale. By adapting this new strategy, RIM will not be limited in their recruiting process. Employing this strategy will also enable them to tap into the emerging markets that can help them gain a competitive edge. Not only that, but by focusing on recruiting talented employees globally, RIM will have pool of employees that are innovative, leaders, specialists and mission oriented people that will not only improve their R&D department but will also help the company move forward. Consequences of not implementing a Talent Management strategy: By not implementing this strategy, there is a good chance RIM will lose to competitors such as
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