Unit 1 D1

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D1 The organisation I have chosen for this assignment is Tesco. Stakeholder Influence | (1-10) | Justification | Manager | 7 | I would rate managers a 7 in terms of stakeholder influence. They are very important regardless of their position on the hierarchical structure. The managers would have to use skill to encourage the employees to help reach the targets of Asda. They may not have a massive influence such as other particular stakeholders but they play a key role. The manager would show influence as a stakeholder in the business only in a positive form. This will be beneficial for Asda as it will help them thrive as a PLC because it shows how much influence the managers of Asda can exert into the PLC. The managers of Asda will have to make decisive decisions to help the company grow and progress over a period of time, the company then can expand upon the performance of the business. They make these decisions with acquiring the detailed information which can help Asda flourish. The mangers would apply the positive influence through these decisions. The managers could help Asda accomplish many aims and objectives by playing a key role in assisting Asda to tackle more challenging aspects which will help them flourish even more as a PLC That just highlights just how much influence a manager can exert into Asda. However, a manager can also exert a negative influence into Asda but they will not do this intentionally. This is because; a bad decision can lead to directly harming Asda. As a consequence, this could lead to Asda losing its proud reputation and being knocked off the perch as arguably one of the best PLC nationwide. | Employees | 7 | As a stakeholder, I would rate employees as a 7. This is because; the employees are very integral and influential to Asda’s aims and objectives. For instance, if an aim was to increase sales, employees will
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