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1. Explain in detail how FedEx uses Internet to meet the requirements for quick and accurate delivery. Please visit FedEx Website to get first knowledge of FedEx services and the use of Internet for them. FedEx is using modern technology to revolutionize supplychain management. The shipping company is expanding its business to involve a symbiotic relationship between itself and any outside company that will integrate their technologies into their processes. FedEx is growing its wireless, billing, freight and international technologies to truly offer a well rounded solution for any small to large company’s shipping and supply chain management requirements. Largely web-based the technology solutions simplify and increase cost efficiencies of any company. One of the best parts of the FedEx software and product offerings is that companies can mix and match and add on any element that will benefit them. Supply chain management is an increasingly complex issue within companies, especially in today’s day and age. As companies increasingly need to compete on an international landscape UPS technologies are leveling the playing field. The FedEx. Corporation is constantly improving and implementing wireless technology around the world. These wireless technologies are strengthening the company’s value chain. FedEx is one of the world’s largest package delivery companies. FedEx offers an abundance of technology solutions. Getting rate quotes and finding drop-off locations is easy from your web-enabled mobile device. FedEx is continually enhancing their wireless solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. Their strategic alliance with w-Technologies, Inc, a global provider of wireless software products, has improved their wireless solutions. They know that an expanding mobile work force will require leading-edge technology for those hand-held

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