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Kaplan University | Technological Innovation | Introduction to Management MT140-35 | Professor Sylvia DeAngelo | || | Summary Every company needs to be technological up to par in today’s business world to be able to compete with existing businesses as well as new entrants. Sandwich Blitz is a small company that is trying to take business a notch above. Furthermore, corporate is trying to expand business and in the near future possibly venture outside of the Atlanta metro area. Competition is imminent with the two new franchises that are soon to move into the Atlanta area and that offer similar foods and beverages. Therefore, Jack and Jenny have to make sure that their company keeps their uniqueness. So far, Sandwich Blitz…show more content…
Corporate has to establish a sense of urgency letting employees know what the company current weakness is and what the goals that they are trying to achieve are. Corporate will need to put the associates in direct contact with the unhappy customers as well as having the associate effectively trained to assist customers once this new technology is installed. Secondly, Sandwich Blitz has to create a guiding coalition by putting together their managers and supervisors to work as a team with the power to lead the change that the company is about to face. At this point the company will need leaders to motivate the sales associate to adopt the changes with a positive attitude. It will also be a smart practice to assure employees that the changes in technology will not replace the human resources. Next corporate has to make sure that they emphasize in the vision and strategy that they are trying to achieve. Corporate must ensure that all employees comprehend the image of where the firm wants to stand in the future. They should make sure that they explain to the employees why they are implementing this system and how it will affect…show more content…
Recognition to all those that made the changes possible or who participated in the short-term wins will act as a positive message. Employees want to be recognized therefore, they will be looking forward to becoming the next person on that list. Consolidating the gains and producing more changes for Sandwich Blitz will mean that they will earn credibility from the successful implementation of this new technology. They will now have the support from their employees that they need to achieve long-term goals achievements. Expansion for example will now be a more feasible and attainable goal. Finally, corporate needs to anchor new approaches in their business culture by highlighting the positive results of adopting the e-customer technology. Therefore, continuously communicate the connection between the new adopted technology and the improved business results that have been attained, will increase the amount of people taking responsibility for change within the

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