Marketing RIM smart phones

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Section 1) Situation Primary Issue: The primary issue facing Research in Motion (RIM) is that there is a great unrealized potential for growth in the consumer market. RIM needs to determine the best option for marketing the Blackberry Pearl in the consumer market. Traditionally RIM has allowed Rogers Wireless to control the promotion and place of distribution. This has allowed Rogers Wireless to control the positioning strategies it employs with the Blackberry Pearl which might not be concurrent with RIMs overall vision. Rogers’s promotion strategy is to take the competition head on with price-driven competition with Treo and Palm. While RIM feels that it needs to be promoted by building up the brand and its unique features. Immediate Issue: RIM has presented the option of internally marketing the Blackberry Pearl. Secondary Issue: RIM needs to determine which features of the product would be most desirable to consumers for the Blackberry Pearl. Symptoms: RIM has held a strong market share in mobile devices in several variations in the business sector. RIM has been successful in marketing its products to businesses and executives to becoming the industry leader for mobile devices. The consumer industry was unfamiliar turf but RIM realized there was a demand for their products in the consumer industry. The Blackberry Pearl would incorporate RIM business features with consumer features. The option of internally controlling marketing in the Blackberry Pearl would allow the company to further control their image and brand in the consumer industry. Decisions to be made: RIM needs to decide what the best option will be in order to continue growing in the consumer industry. As well what features are most effective and efficient to use in the promotion of the Blackberry Pearl. Decision Criteria: • Build brand image and its unique features. • Remain
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