Digital Tv vs Smart Tv

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• DATE: Spring 2013 COLLABORATORS: Liz McCall, Nene Okeudo, and Felicia Pesik. MY CONTRIBUTIONS: All black text was written by myself; all blue text was written by my collaborators and edited by myself. ASSIGNMENT: Create a digital campaign for Samsung's Smart TV (Note: although the Samsung Smart TV is a real product, this was a fictional campaign created for a class). **AWARD**: Campaign chosen by nFusion Agency for "Best in Class" (out of three teams) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As 2squared Advertising Agency, we strive to create calculated campaigns that will exponentially increase our clients’ name recognition and sales. Our wide-reaching digital campaign for the Samsung Smart TV is no exception, and the following is an in-depth look at the methods used to create a campaign that we believe will have far-reaching results. Before starting on our campaign, we decided to do an analysis of the industry and how Samsung’s product fits in with the rest. After secondary research into the TV and Smart TV industry, Samsung as a company, and Samsung’s Smart TV itself, we compared Samsung to its biggest competitors and initiated an online survey as well as some in-person interviews to see what customers currently think about Samsung’s Smart TV. With this information, we developed a SWOT analysis for the product to determine its current positioning in the consumer marketplace. Based on our research, we refined and embellished upon the target audience suggested and created an overall strategy highlighting the single most important thing that we want consumers to remember, namely that with Samsung’s Smart TV, consumers can “Invest in an interactive experience that everyone can enjoy.” Due to Samsung’s already outstanding website with well-displayed interactive content, we decided to attempt to drive consumers from applications they

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