Droga5 Essay

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1. What are the IMC objectives for the three parties involved in this deal? The deal which aims to launch the new book of Jay-Z includes the three main parties, Roc Nation, Random House and Microsoft. Each party all has the different IMC objectives in terms of the benefit. For both Roc Nation and Random House, the objectives are all to increase sales volume with the different underlying reason. On one hand, Carter and Roc Nation consider the book is the way to communicate with target audience that the rap music is a real art form instead of a set of nursery rhymes. On the other hand, Spiegel & Grau imprint, the imprint of Random House, see the deal as one of its biggest investment with limited resources. One concern to Spiegel & Grau comes from the largely unsuccessful track record of hip-hop books. Hence, increasing the sales volume would be the first objective the Roc Nation and Spiegel & Grau want to achieve. Microsoft, another party in the deal, would like to gain benefit of growing awareness and usage of Bing, the new search engine launched in 2009. For the long time, the majority of online users addicted to the Google, leaving Microsoft hard to break into the market. Microsoft viewed the deal as a unique opportunity to promote Bing and hopefully could “break the Google habit”. Also, for the Droga5, the deal is also the great opportunity to prove creativity of the young agency and grow its reputation. 2. Where do you see synergies between these objectives? Firstly, the campaign devised by the Droga5 definitely needs the platform to help it execute the idea, and Microsoft, which was eager to promote the Bing, would be the perfect match with the campaign, providing the potential users an opportunity to try Bing. Secondly, even though Jay-Z is one of the biggest stars in the world, the traditional marketing campaign may not work to turn awareness into the buying
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