Core Competence on Cemet Prduction

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What Core Competencies Give an Organization Competitive Advantage? by Chirantan Basu, Demand Media Core competencies allow small businesses to deliver value to their customers. According to management consulting firm Bain & Company, the litmus test for a core competency is that it is hard for competitors to copy or develop. For example, the core competency of a technology company could be the design of high-speed microprocessors or efficient Internet search algorithms, both of which are difficult to replicate. Businesses can develop core competencies by identifying key internal strengths and investing in the capabilities valued by their customers. Ads by Google Find the Top Innovations IdeaScale Decision Matrix Software Sign up to learn about ReviewScale. / reviewscale Innovation Innovative companies have a competitive edge in the marketplace. For example, one of Apple's core competencies has been its ability to produce cutting edge and "cool" designs. It introduced the iPod as a "cool" way to download and listen to music. However, companies should never stop innovating. Small businesses have become successful against bigger competitors when they are nimble and relentlessly innovative. For example, Google was able to define and succeed with a new computing paradigm even though they were up against formidable opponents. Quality Quality means reliability and performance. Japanese automakers gradually took over market leadership by making quality one of their core competencies. They deployed new concepts such as just-in-time manufacturing and total quality management to incorporate quality in all stages of design and manufacturing. Leading brands in various industries such as household products, apparel and canned goods have gained their market-leading positions because consumers expect and receive quality products from them. Businesses with a

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