P1- Creative Product Promotion Essay

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P1 Successful businesses will always use elements of the “promotional mix” in order to assist the sales of a product. This could be: Advertising, Publicity, Public relations, Sales promotions, Direct Marketing, Personal selling, Sponsorship, Product placement, Celebrity Endorsement and Exhibitions. If a business takes into consideration the AIDA principles alongside the promotional mix then they could be looking at a potentially very successful business idea. I’m going to explain how Beats by Dr.Dre and HTC use both AIDA and the promotional mix to sell their products. Beats by Dr.Dre [pic] The beats by Dr. Dre headphones are a perfect example of how an expensive high quality product can sell successfully to a market who are predominantly struggling financially by using the promotional mix. The Beats studio headphones began by reaching their audience through many advertisements from 2008 to now. Their advertisements are issued over TV and through the internet on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These adverts are to make people aware of the product and to encourage interest to buy. Dr. Dre headphones have released a lot of small advertisements to the public, all expressing the quality of the sound heard from the headphones. The adverts Dr. Dre headphones release also generally only involve celebrities endorsing the product. By merging advertising and celebrity endorsement together Dr. Dre headphones make their product out to be a high end and desirable product. By looking into the AIDA principles we can see that Dr. Dre headphones grab their audiences attention by playing upbeat popular and loud music as well as having popular celebrities to attract fans. For example in the advert titled “#NewBeatsStudio x Rio Ferdinand” [1]. This advert is humorous, eye-catching and grabs the viewers attention through the loud music and popularity of both

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