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Lane Bryant: Business Analysis Trina Brand Managerial Marketing BUS 620 July 23, 2012 Lane Bryant: Business Analysis Abstract Marketing strategies are necessary for the success of any business or company. This paper focuses on the generic marketing strategy and market segmentation of Lane Bryant. A couple of the generic marketing strategies are combined with specific market segmentation to aid in achieving high profits and retail success. Introduction The primary goal for companies is to generate profit, maintain stability and achieve substantial growth. Therefore, companies employ various strategies to advertise and sell their products or services. Companies try to promote and sell their products to customers that they have identified in a target market. They implement marketing strategies to help accomplish the goal of profitable sales. Hence, marketing strategies are vital to the success of the company and the marketing strategy that a successful company employs will seek to overcome shortcomings and increase the company’s revenue. Lane Bryant is one such retail store that has developed marketing strategies that has made them one the most profitable retail stores for women who are larger in size. Lane Bryant’s marketing strategies include generic marketing and market segmentation. This paper will analyze the use of Lane Bryant’s generic marketing strategy and market segmentation to show how Lane Bryant has grown to become one the top retail stores in the United States. Lane Bryant’s Generic Marketing Strategy & Segmentation The Lane Bryant retail stores definitely utilize the generic marketing strategy in conjunction with market segmentation. The marketing strategies consist of overall cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. While, on the other hand, Lane Bryant’s use of market segmentation consists of demographic and psychographic

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