Do Smartphones Really Help Us Survive?

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Do Smartphones Really Help Us Survive? As the technology advances, developers come up with new ideas, and they try to make the perfect phone for personal usage. Because of its wide choices of possibilities, and successful commercials, smartphones became an everyday device of the people. Nowadays, almost everyone have one, and they claim that they could not imagine their lives without it. Some of them say that it is essential to have one, and if necessary it could help save our lives. In general, phones were used to call people, but with the smartphones it has changed. Now it became more like an entertaining device than just a simple contact holder. Smartphones have loads of different applications, and camera. It is very useful to use online maps if we get lost, or look at the bus schedule. It really makes our lives easier and quicker. Even if we cannot make a call because of the lack of money, we can still stay in contact by using online chat applications, or even facebook. If we get bored, we can use our smartphone to entertain ourselves with games or music. So it is a really helpful tool, however for actual surviving it might be completely useless. A lot of people claim that you must bring your phone if you go on a trip somewhere, for instance mountains or woods. If you get in trouble, it can save your life. Although you really should bring a phone with you, it is not necessary to take a smartphone. They have short battery life, so it would be better if you bring an older type of phone because those have long battery life. Even if you do have a fully charged battery, it is possible that there will be no signal in the middle of nowhere, so you cannot call anyone. By the way you do not need to go on a trip; you can get in trouble in the city too. A lot of people get addicted to their phones; they play games all the time or always checking their email or

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