Sephora Case Study

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10/16/2014 BUS 302 Individual Assignment 3: Sephora Assuming Bornstein gets the additional funding, Bornstein should be excited about all the opportunities these new technology platforms offer, but also keep in mind about the importance of balancing brand building and sales increase. Consumers have the freedom to shop anywhere they want to making brand loyalty a personal choice. With such a variety of brands and competition it is important as a brand to stick out and appeal to their customers. Being able to connect and satisfy the wants and needs of your target consumer is a skill that leads to great success within any company. During a time of rapid digital growth, it has become almost necessary to become familiarized with various digital platforms as means of communication and marketing. Between social media, video, and mobile advertising, it is important for Bornstein to understand what sells the most in driving consumer loyalty as well as new customers in being able to successfully budget across these various existing digital platforms. As a targeted Sephora consumer myself, being a female in my twenties, I personally refer to mobile and social media means of communication and research. Between Facebook, reviews, and Group on, I combine all three in knowing what the hottest products are and how satisfied people are with their purchase. Through Group on I always check for existing deals, which drive me to purchase a product even more. These two digital platforms satisfy me the most in ways that keep me coming back for more. With website visits increasing, it is important for consumers to be familiar with what they are about to purchase in ways other that just a simple picture on a website but satisfaction through positive or negative reviews, deals, and ideas through social media. With 35% of currant
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