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Running head: McBride Financial Services Marketing Plan McBride Financial Services Marketing Plan University of Phoenix BSA/310 Jeffrey Doolin July 11, 2011 Abstract McBride Financial Services plans on upgrading the current business marketing plan. The mission of McBride Financial Services is to provide low-cost mortgage services to professionals, retirees, families, and individuals (Apollo Group, Inc., 2005). The mortgages will be for primary, secondary, or recreational properties (Apollo Group, Inc., 2005). The focus will be on marketing research, marketing media, and web marketing. McBride Financial Services Marketing Plan Introduction McBride Financial Services provides low-cost mortgage solutions for individuals.…show more content…
This will give McBride Financial Services an idea of where they need to improve or to verify if they need to expand the target audience. McBride Financial Service will be looking at using social media to target the customers in McBride Financial Services desired audience. Marketing Media McBride Financial Services targets professionals, retirees, and families so it is important to choose the appropriate media to target the specific audience. The goal is to reach the target audience to due this McBride Financial Services will use the Internet, which includes social media, television, movie, and radio ads. The use of smart phone applications would benefit McBride Financial Services by targeting professionals or the younger families. For retirees McBride Financial Services can focus on newspaper, radio, and movie advertisements. Studies have proven that retirees spend more on food and entertainment the young groups of people; “Despite their later life-cycle stage, baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are still spending three times what Gen X (born between 1964 and 1981) are spending in equivalent discretionary categories such as food away from home and entertainment” (Stammerjohn, Capella, & Taylor, 2007, p.…show more content…
By using the social media, web pages and purchasing advertisement banners McBride Finance Services pinpoint a particular group of people. “Web 2.0 social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook create new opportunities for firms to improve their internal operations and to collaborate in new ways with their customers, business partners, and suppliers” (Culnan, McHugh, & Zubillaga, 2010, p. 1). Advertising on the Internet can be tough; it may require the use of a consultant who specializes in Internet marketing. McBride Financial Services would benefit by starting off small when using the Internet market their services. Conclusion McBride Financial Services provides a require service for anyone that is in the market for a residence or recreational property. Using a marketing plan that targets professionals, retirees, and families will benefit the shareholders and employees of McBride Financial Services. To target families and retirees McBride Financial Services can use newspaper, television, and radio advertisements. Professionals can be targeted with the use of social media, Internet, or smart phone applications. The goal of a good marketing plan is to increase services, which increase profit of the firm. References Apollo Group, Inc.. (2005). McBride Financial Services. Retrieved from

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