Why Multimedia? Btec Ict Unit 43

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Basic Business Objectives • Profitability - Making a profit is the main objective for most businesses • Customer base – A business aims to increase the amount of customers it has in order to increase profit. • Public profile – Businesses need to have a high public profile to get new customers. • Sustainability – Economic survival is very important to businesses and they must plan ahead to ensure this. • Staff training – Businesses must keep all their staff adequately trained for the job they are doing. • Customer Service – Businesses should aim to have good customer services because it is important to keep customers happy. How multimedia can help businesses to meet these objectives Navigation of a website – websites often use multimedia features on their website to make navigation easier and to make it look good. For example a continuous reel of moving images may be placed on the homepage of a news website to show each of the featured headline stories. This makes it easier for the users to see important information, special offers or links to featured articles/products without having to search through the website to find it. This sort of multimedia can act as a focal point on the homepage of a website meaning that users are instantly drawn to it as soon as they open the page. This will mean that people visiting the website will be more likely to become a customer and existing customers will keep coming back due to the website being easy to navigate. As a consequence of this the business will have a larger customer base and will have higher profits. Advertising - Use of multimedia in advertising can help to give a business a high public profile, increase the customer base and in turn increase profit. It’s used to attract people’s attention and make the business look exciting and flashy to draw in new customers while also giving information about the

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