Explain How Internet Marketing Has Made a Selected Business More Efficient, Effective and Successful.

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P5 Explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful. The opportunities for business efficiency based on the increasing availability of the web technology which gives Perfect Paints all kinds of opportunities to speed up the interactions with both suppliers and customers. Therefore this can lead to a number of efficiencies. Firstly, the supply chain efficiencies is when a business will always be both a buyer and a seller, buying products from other businesses, buying product from others and selling to others or private consumers. A company like Perfect Paints has to buy the materials it used before it can sell finished products. For business working with supply chain, it may create smoother and faster ways of dealing with the firms we regularly buy from or sell to. It also can save costs and get products out faster. Therefore for Perfect Paints to engage in supply-chain activities, this involves delivering sales or services to consumers, shipping products, negotiating with suppliers, trade partners, managing inventory tracking orders and any other tasks. Thus the Internet offers to Perfect Paints a chance to manage the supply chain, speed up suppliers and integrate businesses along the chain. It also has the potential eliminating all the distortions during in exchanging information with others. By participating in being a connected supply chain will also offers Perfect Paints the opportunity to be more informed, efficient and competitive and, allows product planning to recognise demand and supply needs of the other business during seasons, peak and offpeak demand. Secondly, the opportunities to increase sales from existing customers whereby Perfect Paints should adopt internet marketing strategy because we can see the opportunities either to improve sales within the marketers we already serve or to enter

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