Assistive Technology Grant Request: A Case Study

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Chelsea Giordano 272 North Bedford Road Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 June 3, 2014 Ms. Margot Gibis Program Manager The Leir Retreat Center 220 Branchville Road Ridgefield CT 06877 Re: Richmond Community Services - Assistive Technology Grant Request Dear Ms. Gibis, Richmond Community Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people with developmental disabilities to live rich full lives. Since 1938, when Ellen Richmond, a nurse at Mount Vernon Hospital, converted her home into a residence for newborns with developmental disabilities left in the maternity ward, Richmond has been a beacon of hope. From the modest beginnings of Ellen Richmond’s home, Richmond has grown into a recognized leader in the supports of people…show more content…
Some participants may be working on basic motor skills, while others are assisted in completing volunteer work in the community and/or engaging in advocacy efforts. Many have significant challenges communicating and these limitations dramatically affect the quality of their lives. Assistive Technology Assistive Technology devices can assist an individual with a developmental disability to be more successful in the classroom or become more independent in their home, at work or in the community. They can help an individual perform functions that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible without them. ( Daily living: adapted eating and drinking utensils, devices to turn appliances on/off, grab bars in bathrooms, bath lifts, shower chairs Communication: eye gaze board, computer hardware/software, voice-output devices, communication board, text telephones Transportation: child restraint seats for children with mobility and behavioral…show more content…
They have brought limitless amounts of information to our homes, jobs and telephones. As personal technology continues to become less expensive, it also becomes more powerful, advanced and user-friendly. This evolution of technology presents incredible new opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. iDevices such as Apple's iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch are the hottest consumer technology products on the market today. While thousands of applications have been written for nearly every conceivable situation, persons with disabilities have fewer opportunities than most to enjoy the newest in iDevice computing ( Goal: We seek to purchase a number of computers, printers, tablets and software products that would enable individuals participating in our day rehabilitative and residential programs to increase their communication abilities, giving them greater capacity to communicate their needs, control their environments, interact with others and live more independently. This project has a budget of $40,000. Computer Program Objectives * Increase the number of people who can communicate wants and

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