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iPhone vs. Android Smartphones have become a huge part of society in recent years. In 2011 the smartphone market became a two party affair with the iPhone and Android operating systems taking center stage. Most people have strong opinions about both of these types of phones, and more times than not this leads to arguments between peers. Although the two are both capable smartphones, the choice between the two comes down to price, personalization choices, and applications. To begin with, when choosing either Android or iPhone, an important aspect to look at is price. There are many different types of Androids out there with many different prices depending upon how capable and durable the potential buyer would like their phone to be. While with an iPhone there is one model, and one price, which is actually quite high at about $750, unless you choose to purchase an older model with less features. A comparable Android on the other hand costs about $650. The prices don’t stop there either for Androids, lower range models can cost as low as $300. Androids are used by many different manufacturers as the base operating system of their phones, while Apple is the sole provider of the iPhone. There are other distinctive factors to think of before buying either phone. Another characteristic to think of before buying either of these phone types is personalization. Both have different forms of personalization, iPhones for example have an abundance of case choices; there are waterproof cases that can be used while showering, cases that say “I’m a princess”, even customizable cases that customers can put pictures on. On the other hand Androids have a very limited variety of cases but, what they lack on the outside is replaced by their almost endless amount of personalization on the inside. For example with an Android phone, it is possible to

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