Gregor's Great Demise

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Dave Gedion CP English Lit 12 Ms. Crothers 4/8/13 Gregor’s Great Demise After reading the novella “The Metamorphis” by Franz Kafka it is clear that Gregor is responsible for his own bittersweet outcome. Gregor is in fault for his family basically feeding out of his hands and allowing them to do so for a good while. Gregor completely understands his family treats him like dirt but he will not do a thing about it. Gregor isolates himself from the world and does not even attempt socializing with people. Gregor Samsa who turned into a human size dung beetle cannot seem to tell his parents enough is enough. Gregor’s parents are taking advantage of him; They are still capable of working but choose not to because he cannot tell them no. He has not only been housing them and feeding his parents but he is also working to pay off his parents’ debt. For example Gregor says “…once I’ve gotten the money together to pay off my parents’ debt to him--- that will probably take another five or six years--- I’m going to do it without fail” (Kafka 4), he does not have to pay off his parents debt; It is not his fault they dug themselves into that hole. Gregor is just making his life worse for himself trying to worry for others before worrying about himself. Gregor has a nice home in a lovely neighborhood however since he cannot work anymore because he is a giant beetle his parents have to rent some rooms to boarders. Gregor can see that will help the family with their financial issues, but so much more comes along with it. His parents need to keep him confined to his room because he will scare the boarders out because he is a giant bug. Even to make matters worse his parents have to shove all the junk into his room and cram him up and take his furniture away from him “…Gregor would be completely barricaded; and, in the second place, it was not at all
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