Sylvia Verbally And Nonverbally Case Study

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Since you don’t have a relationship with Sylvia, what will you do to get off to a solid start during your visit? The first thing I will do after introducing myself to her is to try and build a professional relationship with her through small talk. I will make sure I discuss her needs and wants; I will also respect her ideas. I need to make sure I make her feel comfortable when speaking with me so that I may gather as much information as possible as to the reason why she is considering closing her account with LKM Graphics. How should you approach Sylvia verbally and nonverbally? Communication is not always achieved simply through speech. However, in this case my first approach will be verbally since this is the first time that we are meeting each other…show more content…
I am also trying to build a rapport with her so the open line of communication has to be a positive one. I also want to make sure when she is speaking or giving her feedback that my nonverbal communication is positive as well. In doing this, I need to make sure that my facial expressions, hand gestures, and posture are all positive because you can say a whole lot without saying anything at all. What strategies among the ones discussed in this chapter can you use to find out where you and LKM stand in Sylvia’s mind? Not only will Sylvia be looking at my nonverbal communication, but I will observe her as well. I will make sure that she is giving positive feedback through her gestures. After speaking with her I would simply ask her if I have answered all of her questions and addressed her concerns that she may have had. Hopefully by the end of our meeting she will feel comfortable and will continue her business with LKM
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