Range Of Communication Essay

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Task one: Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role. 1.1- Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. As a senior nursery nurse it is within my role to communicate with many different people, on a daily basis I communicate with the young people, parents and other members of staff. Occasionally I may find that I also need to communicate with professionals about individual children. My method of communication is dependent on who I am communicating with. When communicating with the young children I regularly perform small assessments so I can determine how they communicate, and identify any problems that I can then aim to support. I think about my tone…show more content…
I like to watch their facial expressions and body language to identify if they are comfortable and understand what I have to say. I am patient and look to the receiver for clarification that they understand what I am saying. If I am unsure of any message or instruction I ask people to repeat so that I don’t misunderstand what is being said. When I am talking I make sure that I am calm and clear to help the receiver to understand me, I often use hand gestures or if I can I like to show people what I am talking about. I make sure that I am clear on instructions, times, dates or location and if appropriate I like to have it written down. I aim to make positive and lively conversation to promote the interest in conversation. It is important to be confident as if you are nervous you can sometimes create barriers making communication difficult. Eye contact shows that you are listening and are interested in what the person has to say. I try to be polite and friendly in order to create trust, people feel that you are approachable and tend to communicate better when they trust you. When communicating with the children I make sure that I am approachable, I feel that it is important to smile around the children as this can help them to feel comfortable around you. When communicating I need to make sure that I use the correct tone of voice. I like to get down to the child’s level so I don’t seem intimidating. By using their interests I can bond with the children to create a positive
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