Shc51-1.1 Review the Range of Groups and Individuals Whose Communication Needs Must Be Addressed in Own Job Role

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SHC51-1.1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. Effective communication is key in my role as Nursery Director. On a daily basis I will have to speak to parents and carers of children about their needs and concerns. I also need to communicate with their children on their level as well. A large part of my communication is listening. Listening to parents concerns about their child from potty training to their diet. Listening to children about their concerns. In my role I will also have to have effective communication with our governing body OFSTED. When they visit I have to be able to ensure I deliver effectively the merits of my setting. There is also our local authority that I will have to work with. Listening and communicating with them to ensure I understand their needs and make sure I am getting the best service for my setting. I also have to speak and listen to my staff on a daily basis. They will share their feelings and concerns about their children in their care and my also share their feelings about their role. I need to communicate information about the setting or children’s needs. Not forgetting, I will get calls from other companies wanting to do business with mine from recruitment consultants to wed developers. They communication needs to be addressed ensuring they understand the words “not interested”. So effective communication is by the means to deliver and receive a message that both needs to understand for the communication to be effective. SHC51-1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within own job role. As a Nursery Director I will be communicating with different people. I may have to communicate with parents about their child, with my staff about their work and I also may have to communicate with local authorities about policies and
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