Explain Why People Communicate

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Why people communicate & how communication affects relationships in a work setting. 1.1&1. SHC 31 Different reasons people communicate. communication is a part of our everyday life for the majority of people and it is important if you are working with children and young people in a setting. We communicate with others around us for all different reasons one reason to communicate may be to ensure that children's individual needs are being met at all times, also to keep up to date with people and important information. Also communicating with people may show that you are interested in what the other person is saying it also shows that you are being friendly by showing the person that you are listening and giving them your feedback on what they are saying also allowing someone else like a newcomer to speak will make them feel more welcome.…show more content…
When I first went into my placement they made me feel welcome by asking me if I have done anything like this before and showing me where everything is so I know the first thing they did though was say hello and introduced themselves to me. There is loads of different ways in which you can communicate with other's such as using body language such as using eye contact and using gestures and by touch another way to communicate is by using open and closed questions such as using a closed question which only can be answered with a yes or no for example do you like football? You could also use a open question which allows the person you are talking to expand on their answer. Loads of people communicate to try and understand something or to be understood by someone. Communication is important if you are working in a child like environment when important information is recorded. We also communicate to learn new things communication is also used for other reasons in order to learn
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