Different Reasons Why People Communicate

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Arti Singh Unit Reference F/601/5465 27/09/13 1.1 Identify Different Reasons Why People Communicate. People communicate chiefly to exchange information and share their feeling to others. Communication can be done verbally by talking or writing or by use of body language. It builds relationships, motivates people and can create an attitude towards people. People usually feel satisfied when they communicate well with individuals. Good communication enables individuals needs to be met and for care and support workers to feel, they are not just doing the job but doing it in a way that allows individuals to have choice and control over their lives. Good communication will enable you to build strong professional relationships based on trust. It is essential that the individuals you support trust you as you are working very closely with them to improve their lives and if you are providing personal care, you will be carrying out intimate tasks. Communication is an essential skill for worker who wants to do well in their setting; this communication can be between adults or children. 1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work. Communicating together involves a two-way sharing of information and helps to develop a common understanding, meaning it is easier for parents, carers and staff to support one another. Effective communication also helps families and staff to build a trusting partnership and develop honest and respectful relationships. When families and staff have a genuine interest in one another, people are able to be open about their thoughts and feelings. When families communicate effectively, this allows early childhood staff to understand what is happening at home or how they would like their
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