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1.1 Communication is a way of giving and receiving of information between people whether this is by verbal and non verbal means. Effective communication is a two way process, ensuring that the correct message is sent, received, and also understood by the other parties. People communicate for many different reasons: to express feelings and needs; to help to build relationships; to socialise; to ask questions; to receive information and instruction; to share knowledge; to share opinions. 1.2 Communication is a vital part of being able to develop a relationship with a resident. Communication needs to clear and person centred as this will help build and maintain a healthy and balanced relationship between support worker and resident, without this basic skill the relationship will be severely hindered from the start. Good communication skills are also vital between staff members and also external parties (Doctors, Care Co-ordinators, relatives, etc) This helps to maintain a good working relationship between all parties and helps things run smoothly 2.1 Finding a way of communicating with an individual is essential so that you can ascertain their needs, preferences and wishes. Care Plans are a useful tool to help locate any information regarding on how an individual communicates, other ways to establish the communication needs are by observing the individual, asking the individual, and seeking information from others who may know the individual well. 2.2 T o estabish. 2.3 There are two different types of communication, Verbal communication and Non Verbal communication. Nonverbal communication is a broad term used to describe any method of transferring information without words. Non-verbal communication includes written words, lip reading, facial expressions, eye contact, touch, physical gestures, body language, behaviour, flash cards, gestures, sign

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