Tda 3.1 Essay

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TDA 3.1: Communication and professional relationships with children,young people and adults Luciane Jury Nov 2014 1.Understanding the principals of developing positive relationships with chidden, young people and adults. 1.1 Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children,young people and adults. Good relationship is the key to work with children,young peplos and adults. Being a role model and have a effective communication skills will contribute to build a positive relationship with parents,children,young people and adults. It is important effective communication with adult to be able to build a relationship of trust and understanding. Parents and adult are likely to give beneficial of supporting if the communications is strong and effective and this can be beneficial for the children. Build and establish relationships ,prevent problem,misunderstand ,stay motivate,establish mutual respect are some example. Aim children to learn,have fun ,play and engage. Children will lear and develop when ether is a friendly environment with people they trust. As a role model gain trust its important ,so children and young people can be confident to talk to you,be confident and focus and develop the selfs. Every child is different so we should adapt the way we communicate to fulfil the individual needs. Always communicate in a appropriate way to match the stage of development,personal circumstance and need of that person you are talking to. 1.2 Explain the principals of relationship building with children,young people and adults . Building a good,positive relationship with children,young people and adults it is important as they need to feel comfortable around sour company. There is way that we can consider that like: being
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