Unit 301 Essay

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301 – Communication and Professional Relationships with children, young people and adults 1.1 Effective communication is important relationship with young people children and adults is clear. This is done by putting in place and communicating about boundaries and what behaviour is acceptable. Expectations about behaviour relating to all people involved and how adults and young children are to deal with any problems they have. Communication in relation to the child and/or young person development has to be relayed to parents/carer they can help with the development of the child in there learning. 1.2 Relationship building is important when working with children and young people. The way this is done is by being a positive role model. The young person must feel comfortable when I am helping/supporting the young person with work. When working with children I have to make sure that when working with then that I use easy to understand words. Towards children I must show a caring approach and listen to them when they are asking me question and make eye contact so they know that I am listening to them. I must also show the young person, child and adult that I am pleased with them when they produce good work or they have behaved well 1.3 Different social, professional and cultural contexts can sometimes affect the way I communicate with different backgrounds. Some communication may be acceptable to some cultures and background, which may not be to others. I may need to on occasion change the way I work with people from different backgrounds all the while staying in the boundaries of what is acceptable 2.1 The skills of which there are many which are needed to communicate with young people and children are that you need to give the children and young people a chance to air their views about a topic you might be doing in lessons. So this requires you to have good
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