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Children’s Workforce Development Council Standard One: Understand the principles and Values essential for working with children and young people. Area of Knowledge 1: Principles and Values Learning outcomes: 1. Demonstrate that you can care about the principles and values essential for working with children, young people, their families and their carers. 2. Identify and know about any codes of practice relevant to your work. A code of practice gives helpful guidance and lays down the standards expected to support good practice. a) Think of a particular situation when you were able to treat children, young people, their families and their care crs with respect. I was able to go on supervised contact with a young person whereby they went to visit their parents at their family home. I was able to treat both the young person and their parents with respect by ensuring that I allowed for them both to have time to talk amongst themselves rather than me involving myself entirely in their conversation. Furthermore I was able to assist the Childs mother in certain tasks such as getting them to calm down while at the home as the young person was getting quite vocal when they were unable to communicate their views effectively. I did this by ensuring that I spoke with respect to the young person and reminded them how important it was to spend the time with their families appropriately. I also made sure that I explained that I understood that contact with family was an exciting and sometimes daunting experience however it is important to remain calm and respectful while in their parents’ home. By talking with the young person in a respectful and understanding manner, this allowed me to gain respect and for them to understand the importance of considerate of their family while on contact. b) Now think of another situation when you were able to treat children, young

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