Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important in Childcare

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Children Communication skills in schools are important as this is where children start to learn and can be the first opportunity they get to mix with other children & adults out of the home environment . New surroundings provide children with the opportunity to bond and make new relationships with both fellow students and school staff. For children to make new friendships they need both social and communication skills. We are not born great communicators, this is something we learn from babies from other significant role models around us. To aid Communication skills it is essential that children can relax and feel safe, wanted, included, respected in their own right regardless of what they can do and what they cant do. Effective communication which can be conveyed by various means including both verbal and non verbal , body language and facial expression, Once learned can be a wonderful tool in promoting and encouraging warm and fruitful friendships and relationships both in childhood and through to adulthood. Developing positive relationships with children can be difficult, especially where communication is limited to body language or facial expressions or where English is a second language but can be overcome if we can encourage, listen and engage in what ever communication is available. If we respect everyone’s efforts and achievements however small or insignificant they may seem to us. When communicating with Children we need to use Empathic listening and from this they will themselves learn to listen with their ears, eyes, heart and will learn to respect other people and their feelings. Good communicating skills are also essential for staff and pupils to ensure that they are ensuring the schools policies are being observed and
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