Supporting the Pupil

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Teaching assistant Diploma level 3 Assignment Two Supporting the Pupil 1. Explain the five broad social and emotional aspects of learning The five broad social and emotional aspects of learning are:- Self-awareness – Children begin to understand themselves, understanding how they can learn effectively, knowing how to interact with others. They begin to consider others feelings and thoughts. Children can use these skills when planning their learning. Children can take responsibility for their actions, to feel good about their achievements and understand that their feelings and behaviour are linked. Also pupils know that it is acceptable to have certain feelings and emotions. Managing feelings – Children can become more able to manage their feelings, using strategies to think first before using inappropriate actions. Enabling them to understand what feelings affect others and how to use them appropriately so not to hurt others. Children will learn how to calm themselves, managing anger and aggressive feelings. Motivation – Pupils are able to become active and enthusiastic in their learning, perhaps taking small steps to achieve a set goal. Helping children to concentrate on positive learning skills and to overcome distractions or behaviour issues, children can also learn how to evaluate their learning for the future. Pupils can also learn how to have a positive approach to overcoming mistakes of disappointments. Empathy – Children learn how to recognise others feelings, knowing how their own views/opinions could affect others. Pupils can also learn to accept that everyone has different views and also understand how to respect and support others opinions and ideas. Social Skills – Children learn how to work with others, in groups or as a whole class. Pupils can learn to feel valued within their school community. They may also learn how to them they can
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