Importance of Effective Communication

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Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with Children Young people Adults Ans: Importance of effective communication with Children Communication is a key factor in developing positive relationships with human beings,the importance of effective communication with children can never be denied. Being a teaching assistant ,you have to model yourself in a best possible way to communicate with children as they learn and absorb your methods of communication. In order to develop and maintain positive relationships with children ,I have to communicate politely and clearly so that they can understand me. By using simple vocabulary and positive body language I can get their attention more easily and my friendly approach would make me trustworthy for them and they can discuss their problems or share their ideas with me. For example,in my placement,my friendly and polite attitude towards reception children makes it easy for them to bring their complaints to me;if they are hurt or hit by somebody. My active listening also encourages a child to build a positive relationship with you. As a teaching assistant, I have to understand and overcome the barriers to the communication in order to maintain healthy relationships with children as well as with young people and adults. These barriers could be: an accent,hearing problems ,difficulties in understanding English language etc. In presence of any of these barriers,I have to adapt my communication methods,instead of verbal communication,I may have to Show or draw pictures Use of sign language Show videos Use of enlarged print Young people Effective communication to make positive relationship with young people is equally important to make good relationships with them. Young people are easily affected by the way we communicate to them. If I am polite with
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