Unit 010 - Support Children and Young People's Positive Behaviour

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Unit 010 - Support Children and Young People's Positive Behavior 1.1 - Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people's positive behavior In the setting relevant, the policies and procedures in promoting children and young peoples positive behavior is stated clearly on page 6 of the policies and procedures. The setting relevant has made it their aim to provide an environment for children to feel happy and stimulated, in order to prevent any child feeling unhappy or behaving inappropriately. In order to do this, part of their policy is to praise children for good behavior on a regular basis. Staff may see a child tidying up nicely as asked by them, in which case the staff member will praise the child for tidying up by thanking the child and saying "good tidying". The child will respond well to this and they are likely to repeat the action to gain the praise from a staff member. Another policy at this setting is to model good behavior by treating children and adults around us with respect. This means that staff will be treating children with respect by talking to them nicely, not shouting at children, not humiliating children, etc. as well at treating staff members with the same level of respect, not shouting across the classroom, talking nicely to one another, etc. the result of this will be that other children will see this and will copy the staff members being respectful and, in turn, will respect their classmates, teachers and anyone outside of nursery. Providing interesting and stimulating activities within a child friendly environment is another policy this setting has. By carrying out this policy, staff are preventing children from becoming bored and irritable. Having activities for children to do will keep the children happy and enable positive behavior. Observing children closely and using the
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