Cyp Core 35

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CYPCore35 CYPCore35-1.1 Explain why positive relationships with children and young people are important and how these are built and maintained. Positive relationships are built and maintained e.g.: Why positive relationship are important: * Children become strong & independent through positive relationships * Very aware of adults attitudes and perceptive if they are liked & valued * Any negativity is immediately picked up by children * Rejection can follow them into adulthood and breed negativity and low self esteem * How they are built & maintained: * Being warm and approachable * Giving praise • communicating effectively • being consistent and fair * keeping promises and honouring commitments * mutual respect Why is it important for you to build positive relationships with the children in your care, explain to me how you build and maintain these? In your writing please provide at least five bullet point examples. * To get the best out of them * To then be able to encourage them to strive to be their best. Having their respect underpins this. * To ensure they can have positive relationships with as many people, moreover, adult sin their life as possible. Knowing I am someone who only wants the best for them. * I ensure I am smiling, approachable and friendly * I am consistently giving praise * I am fair with all the children, this ensures no competition for my attention & is equally shared out. * I show interest in the children, find out about them, their interests, families, pets etc CYPCore35-1.3 Evaluate own effectiveness in building relationships with children or young people. How effective are you at building relationships with the children in your care, how do you know. How would the relationship be with the children if you were not able to build effective
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