Be Able to Develop Positive Relationships with Children and Young People

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1 - Be able to develop positive relationships with children and young people | | 1.3 - evaluate own effectiveness in building relationships with children or young people | | It is important to have positive relationships with children to help build a child’s self-esteem and confidence and also to give them a feeling of acceptance within their new environment. It is very important to not only gain the trust of a child, but to also build on that trust so the child feels comfortable and protected whilst in your care. When building positive relationships with children you need to listen to the child and learn how they communicate and express their feelings and how they show their emotions so that the child feels that they are understood. It is good to praise children and encourage them and not to be critical or negative towards them. To maintain a positive relationship with children, there is a need for the child to understand that you will be there for them to listen to and work through any problems in a calm and relaxed manner. To spend time with a child doing activities that they enjoy will give them a feeling of worth, that they are important and that their feelings and thoughts are valued. It is also important not to be critical or put down any person that might be important in a child’s life, no matter what the circumstances are. When building relationships with children it is vital that I find out what their likes and dislikes are, this could be something as simple as finding out what their favourite food is or putting their favourite cartoon on television for them to watch as it makes a child feel like you are listening to them for the small and not so important things in life and so in turn helps in the process of building trust and then a child can feel secure and confident that you will deal with other significant issues with the same attention.
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