Tda 3.1 Essay

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TDA 3.1 Communication and Professional relationships with children, young people and adults Katie Peters 1. Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with Children, Young people and Adults. As a Teaching Assistant you will need to communicate with a diverse range of people. These are your pupils, colleagues, parents and even other professionals for e.g. Speech therapists. It is important that you develop strong relationships with all to ensure the best learning and working environment for everyone. The way you build these relationships with each group will differ depending on age and formality. You should always take into count the persons stage of development, any personal circumstances and what are the actual needs of the person you are speaking to. Effective Communication is important with pupils because it maintains a good relationship between the Teaching and the pupil when developing these positive relationships. Children want to be in an honest and trustworthy environment. If they don’t feel that they can trust you they will find it hard to approach you and this could affect the child’s learning. Having a positive relationship will allow the child to feel more comfortable around the T/A which will inevitably create a good learning atmosphere for everyone. Consistency and Patience will help you build this relationship. It is most important to develop these relationships with younger children because it plays a role in socialising that child. When developing positive relationships with adults good communication allows you to get a better understanding of the child. You may not have been made aware of any allergies etc. It will also give the parents peace of mind; they will feel happy leaving their child in your and your colleagues care. It doesn’t only benefit the staff parents can keep up to
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