Cypop1 3.1 Essay

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3.1 An explanation of the benefits for babies and young children of a key worker/person system in early years settings. In the early years setting each child has to be given a key worker. This is because the EYFS statutory framework states that in the framework in the early years setting they have to stick by. The benefits of the key workers for babies and young children are when the babies and young children are more independent, you would do this by the young children and babies to being able to depend on adults for reassurance for comfort. This will make the babies and young children feel happy and feel safe and secure they get more confidantes to explore and try new things out. This is a benefit because the babies and young children will develop at a quicker rate. Also the benefits of a key worker for young children and babies this is because its improves the care of the children. The key person spends allot of time with their key children. The key worker will need to know the needs of their key children and will need to meet the needs of the children. This will include feeding them knowing if they have got any allergies, what they can and can’t eat. They also need to change the babies and young children’s nappies. To know what they like and what they don’t like. The key person will also need to plan for all their key children but all children will have different plans ad they are not at the same stage in their milestones the also might not be the same ages. They also need to put their plans in to places. They will also need to observe the young children and babies this is to see what milestone there are at. If their at the right milestone for the age. The other benefit of the key worker is because it is the most important for all individual children have a close attachment to their key worker. This would help the children to feel familiar and happy
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