Explain Why Positive Attachment Is Important For Children

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1.2 Explain why positive attachment is important for children and young people. I am an independent visitor for a looked after child. We have been seeing each other for just over a year now and during that time we have built a positive relationship. It took a while to build this relationship and we did this by spending time together and learning about each other’s likes and dislikes. I show an interest in his life and what he has to say. By doing this I have gained his trust and shown him that I care about him. This has led to a positive attachment between us. This is important as it will help him to build strong relationships with other people in his life. It will also help him to have a positive view on the way that people relate to and treat each other. The positive attachment that we have formed will help him to feel good about himself and his environment and he will want others to feel the same way. A child who forms positive attachments will grow into an adult who is able to form and maintain positive relationships in later life. As he had negative relationships with other adults in his life it will teach him positive attachments can be formed even when previous ones have failed. 1.4 Explain the role of carers in supporting C+YP to form positive attachments.…show more content…
They should give them a sense of belonging and treat the young person in the same way that a parent should treat their child. The young person should be encouraged to engage in positive activities. Existing relationships that have positive attachments should be supported and encouraged. For example the carer of the young person that am an independent supports the positive attachment that he has with me by encouraging him to take part in activities that he would not normally want to do. This endures that he is open to and tries new
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